Our Story

ML Collective was incubated from the Deep Collective research group, founded by Jason Yosinski and Rosanne Liu, formerly of Uber AI Labs, in 2017, to foster open research collaboration and free sharing of ideas. Over the years, we built a culture of open, cross-institutional collaboration among researchers of diverse and nontraditional backgrounds, leading to the consistent production of high quality research. Our long-lasting weekly deep learning reading group is open to the public and has attracted over 1K members from around the world. We believe such an initiative is worth continuing externally, where it can continue to exist as an open, welcoming, and supportive space for anyone in need.

A few impactful ML Collective papers include Intrinsic Dimension, CoordConv, and Plug and Play Language Models, among others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate open collaboration and free mentorship by providing a home for anyone with AI research passions, ideas, and expertise, who is interested in advancing both their professional careers and AI research at large. We produce open-access research (same as any academic lab), including scientific publications, reports, blog posts, educational videos, open-source softwares, and demonstrations, and with these nurture the growth of researchers.

Common workplaces for researchers tend to standardize their employees’ growth path, so much so that there exists a numbered level system, or a set of permitted titles that researchers climb up through. Instead we think research should be more like art, and researchers should freely look for opportunities to polish their profile like actors going to auditions. Recent efforts in democratizing AI, including MOOCs, open-source software, and open-access scientific articles, among other means have greatly lowered the bar to individual knowledge acquisition. The growth into a skillful individual researcher is now approachable from various backgrounds. However, the bar to high quality collaborative research is still high and at times inaccessible to individuals of qualified abilities who come from underrepresented backgrounds or disciplines. ML Collective supports unaffiliated researchers, and at the same time encourages affiliated researchers to broaden and diversify their collaborations and influence.

We believe open collaboration is the key to further democratizing AI research.