ML Collective (MLC) is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to make machine learning (ML) research opportunities, including collaboration and mentorship opportunities accessible and free for all.

MLC is a community for the genuinely curious people who are interested in getting better at doing machine learning research, for whatever reason. To that end, the community building aspect of MLC is creating a place to 1) develop and train relevant skills for maturing into a researcher, 2) find kindred spirits, friends and collaborators along the way, 3) produce serious research, and 4) give back to society.

MLC can be a "research home" for you regardless of your affiliation, employer, or background.

Get Involved

MLC is run entirely by volunteers. Find out how you can be part of the helping crew.

  1. Completely new here and just want to learn more? Read the Welcome to ML Collective section on our Wiki to understand the structure of this space.

  2. If you have a paper, or a topic you feel excited about, give a talk at DLCT.
  3. If you want to contribute an idea to help junior researchers get started, write up a one-page RFP and present it at our next research jam.
  4. If you are a junior researcher working on your project in a vacuum, make a short presentation and present it at our next research jam.
  5. If you want to give back some of your time to connect with researchers, especially those at a disadvantage in ML community, host an Office Hour with us!
  6. If you need access to GPUs for running ML experiments, check out our free compute resources.
  7. If you are excited about the everyday actions of community building, our Open Collab discord is always looking for responsible administrators and moderators.
  8. If you are excited about events (e.g. organizing, giving talks, or simply attending), we get together all the time, both in-person and virtual! From pure social hangouts to study groups and research meetings, you'll meet great people and inspire or get inspired. And if you miss one, there's always another on the events calendar.
  9. If you want to support our mission in general, consider making a donation.

Stay in Touch

We have many outlets, not to overwhelm you, but to suit different comfort levels of socialization.

  1. Follow our Twitter for major updates.
  2. Subscribe to our weekly reading group "Deep Learning: Classics and Trends."
  3. Join our Open Collab Discord server.
  4. Check out our events calendar (view, add to Google Calendar, iCal) to join an upcoming event.
  5. Watch our YouTube channel for research contents like research jam recordings.
  6. Send us an email at hello at mlcollective dot org.