Hi there, welcome to the MLC Wiki! It is a collaborative writing and editing space where members collaborate on blog posts, meeting notes, how-to articles, and other resources. If you want to help make this space awesome, write something today!

But first, welcome to MLC! What is MLC and what can I use it for? is perhaps the first question you have in mind coming into this space. The first question is easy to answer: we've said repeatedly that we are a lab for those who want a research home. A lab offers: companionship, resources, a structure and space for learning, collaboration, and mentorship. But now, how can one effectively use such a research home? That is a complicated question to answer. Even in the traditional setting, some could spend a decade in grad school only to find the wrong answer (by some I mean me). Not to mention that MLC is not even a traditional lab: we are not affiliated with any institution, we are fully virtual, and every member has a different background and is at a different stage of life. But that's the beauty, isn't it? Therefore there is no one-size-fits-all formula to use MLC for your research growth. What we try to do is to be as all-encompassing as possible, providing as many functionalities, expertise

and as a result, we expect each individual coming in to put in the work of forging their own path with the mountains of available resources.

We will write some general guidelines and supply a few plausible examples on how to best use this space to serve your need. But remember, you are the one that needs to actively craft your own path.

Lastly, if you have done the work finding your path and converging to a comfortable spot in MLC, share what had worked for you by appending a passage in What worked for me in MLC.

Some General Guides[edit]

  • How to have the best kind of human interactions We have built so many (too many!) platforms to help create potential chances of valuable human interactions that serve your research growth. How to make the best use of them?
  • How to get advice Career advice? Research advice? Practical advice? Find out how to get it at MLC.
  • How to get involved Study groups, writing publications and much more!
  • How to give back If you are involved in MLC please check this page. You probably have some of this stuff already!

Join us in Research[edit]

Join us in Community Building[edit]

If you are interested in getting involved in community building, the town hall meeting is a great place to help with planning and steering MLC's development. You can also host an event to practice your organizational skills, establish and expand your network.

Join us to Co-work and Co-study: Interest Groups[edit]

Interest groups are self-organized teams on Discord that meet regularly to dive deeper on specific topics. You may wish to check out any of these groups:


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