As the 90-9-1 Rule for online community engagement states, 90% of community members lurk, 9% edit or respond, and 1% create. This guide is for those who are ready to move to the 9% or even 1% tier.

When you are ready to get involved, we certainly welcome every kind of positive involvement at MLC, and there are far more possibilities than we can list here. However, here are some common options:

  • To get to know what the group is about and get a feel for the community: Just jump in and ask a question on the Discord! You are also welcome to join almost all the events on the calendar, the vast majority are public. Also please feel free to browse the website and this wiki. If something still doesn't make sense let us know. We love to know how we can make thing clearer.
  • To join an event: check out the calendar. Almost all of our events are public participation, and should have the joining details in the calendar. If the details aren't there, ask in the discord and we'll be happy to let you know.
  • To get involved with an interest group: See if there is an interest group for it on Discord, and say hi! Or if you can see a relevant event on the calendar just turn up. If you don't already see a interest group of your interest, why not ask in Discord whether there are anyone else who are interested, if so we can give you a channel to study together in.
  • To organise an event: See this page: How to host an MLC event
  • To find collaborators: If there is a reading group channel related to your interest area, this is usually an excellent place to start. Just say what you are interested in doing in the channel. Otherwise, there is a seeking-collaborators channel just for this. The more specific you are about what you are seeking, especially your intended topic, if/where you intend to publish, and what you want from your collaborators, the more likely you will be to get interest.
  • To use MLC as your research lab without collaborating: Is fine! Feel free to use us for feedback on ideas and advice. You can get more substantial support after presenting about your work at one of our research jams. If you're interested ask about that on our discord.
  • To get specific advice: There is a wiki page just about this: How to get advice
  • To offer mentoring: We LOVE mentoring :) We have formal organisation for this to help everything go smoothly, ensure mentors are not overwhelmed with more requests than they want, etc. But of course informal mentoring in the community is always welcomed too. If you are interested, please let us know in the discord server. You might want to notify us by writing @Admin in your message, just to make sure we pick up on your inquiry efficiently.

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