Any MLC community member can host an event! Here are rough steps you may wish to follow. Events and advertising for them must follow the Code of Conduct.

Before the event[edit]

  • Make a page for your event (on this wiki or anywhere else)
  • Add the event to the MLC calendar. Follow this guide for formatting etc.: How to add a calendar event
  • Publicize the event via any of several channels:
    • Post about it on Twitter. Link to a page with info about the event, including how people can join and when it will be. You can tag @ml_collective and someone managing our Twitter handle will retweet your tweet.
    • Post in the #events-mlc channel on Discord.
    • Advertise via any of your own channels (email lists, Facebook, etc).

Host the event[edit]

  • (optional) Record the event if you want (but first ask permission from people).
  • (optional) Take notes

After the event[edit]

  • (optional) Post video recording
  • (optional) Post notes on wiki or other page

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