Machine Learning Office Hours

You can make use of MLC Office Hours to meet 1:1 with experienced researchers to chat about anything related to your research, career, or anything else! The MLC members listed below have been kind enough to volunteer their time to host these office hours. If you'd like to meet with anyone listed, you can book their time using the links provided. Office hours are virtual meetings unless unless otherwise specified.

Important note: when you book a meeting, the volunteer is committing to setting aside the required time to meet with you, giving up other parts of their day to do so. After booking, you will receive an email with links that can be used to cancel or reschedule the meeting if you realize you cannot make the time you booked. Please keep this email and use the links as needed.

It is your responsibility to set any reminders or alarms to make sure you show up to the meeting on time or, if needed, cancel or reschedule with enough notice.

If you have attended any Office Hours, kindly leave your feedback on how it went so we can continue to improve the process!

Office Hour Host

Preferred Topics

Booking link

Member photo

Rahim Entezari

Research, Career, etc

[New!] Book a time

Member photo

Rishabh Agarwal

Research, RL, LLMs, Career etc.

[New!] Book a time

Member photo

Ayush Jain

research, graduate school, career/school decision

[New!] Book a time

Member photo

Jia-Bin Huang

Research, graduate school, career.

Member photo

Fereshte Khani

research, grad school, career, etc

Member photo

Priyank Jaini

Career directions, Industry job market, grad school, probabilistic modeling

Member photo

Pablo Samuel Castro

RL, research, music, career, etc.

Member photo

Yash Sharma

research directions, career/school decisions

Member photo

Nathan Lambert

graduate school, research directions, anything

Member photo

Andrea Madotto

NLP, conversational models, research ideas

Member photo

Behnam Neyshabur

career, research, etc.

Grad School Application Help Sessions

We offer assistance to graduate school applicants year round. Often those events are announced during the application season on our Twitter account, Discord and News page. Our Discord channel #how-to-grad-school is dedicated to ongoing discussions around applying to and thriving in grad schools. Example of such services include:

  1. Grad school application help session on December 4, 2021.
  2. Grad school Retrospective on July 7, 2020.