So you found out about the MLC community, maybe with a specific question in mind that you are in search for an answer.

There are a few ways to get advice at MLC:

  • For specific topics like using the MLC github, or advice about getting set up to do machine learning processing with cloud compute, there are dedicated advice channels for this in the MLC discord. Basically the whole HELP WITH category of discord is for seeking help on specific topics.
  • If you have a question related to a specific area of machine learning, for example computer vision, there are Interest Groups with dedicated channels for several areas in the discord. People in these groups are generally super happy to discuss any questions!
  • For any other general quick question, feel free to ask it in the Discord general channel or any other channel you think is appropriate, e.g. job-search (where any job search related questions can go), applied-to-research-transition (specifically targeted for those looking for a career transition from applied to a more research oriented positions), and how-to-grad-school (how to apply to, survive, and make the best use of grad school experiences).

  • For more substantial questions such as career advice or research direction, MLC offer the Office Hours program where you can book a time to discuss with an experienced researcher.

  • Our recurring OpenClubHouse is usually a good place to AMA

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