That being said, welcome to the MLC NLP interest group! We're a very welcoming group who meets every Sunday 9 AM PST to discuss NLP papers, discuss ongoing projects, and provide feedback to each other. We're a very diverse group ranging from little to several years of experience in the field so don't hesitate to join regardless of past experience - there'll always be something to learn. We have published a few papers and blog posts in the past - if you're interested in learning more about what we do, consider joining our discord or checking out some of the past presentations and work we've done! Link to join discord -

Reading Group Day & Time Sunday, 9am PST
Channel: #natural-language-processing

Previous Meetings[edit]

Date Paper Title Presenter Presentation
Dec 3'23 OpenAI Assistant API and function calling Akash Recording
Nov 5'23 Query Rewriting for Retrieval-Augmented Large Language Models Aishwarya Recording
Oct 29 '23 Self-Refine: Iterative Refinement with Self-Feedback Jay Recording
Oct 22 '23 Self-RAG: Learning to Retrieve, Generate, and Critique through Self-Reflection Aiswarya Slides Recording
Oct 15 '23 Decomposing Language Models Into Understandable Components Aiswarya Slides Recording
Oct 1 '23 A Survey on Large Language Model based Autonomous Agents Part 2 Akash Recording
Sep 24 '23 A Survey on Large Language Model based Autonomous Agents Part 1 Aiswarya Slides Recording
Sep 10 '23 Direct Preference Optimization Atsushi Slides Recording
Sep 3 '23 Giraffe: Adventures in Expanding Context Lengths in LLMs Aiswarya Slides
Aug 27 '23 Gorilla: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs Aiswarya Slides
July - Aug '23 Finetuning LLM Project
Jun 18 '23 QLora code discussion Akash Recording
Jun 4 '23 QLoRA: Efficient Finetuning of Quantized LLMs Jay Recording
May 28 '23 Self-Instruct: Aligning Language Models with Self-Generated Instructions Aiswarya Slides Recording
May 21 '23 PeFT: Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning Jay Recording
Apr 30 '23 LoRA: Low-Rank Adaptation of Large Language Models Pavan Slides Recording
Apr 23 '23 Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4 PART 2 Jay Recording
Apr 9 '23 Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4 PART 1 Akash Recording
Apr 2 '23 Successive Prompting for Decomposing Complex Questions Aiswarya Recording
Mar 26 '23 Mixture of Soft Prompts for Controllable Data Generation Jay Recording
Mar 19 '23 Kubeflow and MLOps pappachuck Recording
Mar 12 '23 How Close is ChatGPT to Human Experts? Comparison Corpus, Evaluation, and Detection Akash Slides Recording
Feb 26 '23 Meeting for Unit test generator and Meme Generation project
Feb 19 '23 MemPrompt: Memory-assisted Prompt Editing with User Feedback Aiswarya Slides Recording
Feb 5 '23 Automating Code Review Activities by Large-Scale Pre-training Aiswarya Slides Recording
Jan 29 '23 Train Short, Test Long: Attention with Linear Biases Enables Input Length Extrapolation Jay & Akash Slides Recording
Jan 22 '23 Cramming: Training a Language Model on a Single GPU in One Day Jay Slides Recording
Jan 15 '23 RLHF and InstructGPT Akash & Aiswarya Slides Recording
Dec 18 Fine Tuning Language Models to find agreement among humans with diverse preferences Aiswarya Link
Dec 11 Cicero: Human-level play in the game of Diplomacy by combining language models with strategic reasoning Akash Link
Dec 4 Scaling Instruction Fine Tuned Language Models Jay Link
Nov 27 Large Language Models can Self Improve Aiswarya Link
Nov 20 Mind's Eye: Grounded Language Model Reasoning through Simulation Akash Link
Nov 13 Large Language Models are Human Level Prompt Engineers Aiswarya Link
Nov 6 Language-Mediated Robot Task Planning David Fagan Link
Oct 16 Measuring and Improving Consistency in Pretrained Language Models Aiswarya Link
Oct 9 Locating and Editing Factual Associations in GPT Aiswarya Link
Sept 18 Knowledge Neurons in Pretrained Transformers Jay Link
Sept 4 A Mathematical Framework for Transformer Circuits Aiswarya Link
Aug 28 Data Distributional Properties Drive Emergent In-Context Learning in Transformers Akash Kumar Link
Aug 21 GenIE: Generative Information Extraction Aiswarya Link
Aug 14 HydraSum Aiswarya Link
Aug 7 Autoregressive Entity Retrieval Adithya Link

Completed Projects[edit]

Title Description Completion Date
ICLR Blog Post Select a previous ICLR paper and write an informal and accessible blog post. Highlight ambiguities, provide better visualization, etc. 04/10/2022

ICLR Blog Post Submissions[edit]

Authors: Aiswarya Sankar, Pavan Kantharaju

Author: Ashutosh Kumar

... More to come

Additional presentations -

and many others! Please check out our notion page if you're interested in watching the recordings for past meetings.

If you think you have a paper suggestion which you'd like to present or discuss, come and join us on discord :)

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