That being said, welcome to the MLC NLP interest group! We're a very welcoming group who meets every Sunday 9 AM PST to discuss NLP papers, discuss ongoing projects, and provide feedback to each other. We're a very diverse group ranging from little to several years of experience in the field so don't hesitate to join regardless of past experience - there'll always be something to learn. We have published a few papers and blog posts in the past - if you're interested in learning more about what we do, consider joining our discord or checking out some of the past presentations and work we've done!

Reading Group Day & Time Sunday, 9am PST
Channel: #natural-language-processing
Calendar Link: click here! Most updated meeting details can be found on discord
Anchor Doc click here!
Format Role Playing

Completed Projects[edit]

Title Description Completion Date
ICLR Blog Post Select a previous ICLR paper and write an informal and accessible blog post. Highlight ambiguities, provide better visualization, etc. 04/10/2022

Ongoing Projects[edit]

Title Description Deadline
ML Reproducibility Challenge 2021 Select a paper, reproduce the major results, and verify the contribution. Feb 4th, 2022
NAACL North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics Jan 15th, 2022

Previous Reading Groups[edit]

You can find previous paper reading recordings on notion page. Some of the papers we have discussed in the past are:

and many others! Please check out our notion page if you're interested in watching the recordings for past meetings.

If you think you have a paper suggestion which you'd like to present or discuss, come and join us on discord :)

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