Thank you for checking out this page! You obviously care about giving back to the community, and we really appreciate you.

If you are an experienced researcher (have published papers yourself), we are always looking for mentors. You can contribute an idea, host an office hour (with whatever frequency and length you'd like), give project feedback to presenters at research jams, help people with intermediate research results shown in research-in-progress category on our Discord, be committed to meeting with a mentee regularly, all the way to writing a paper with them.

If you don't quite see yourself as a mentor yet (although, remember, it is very likely that your self-calibration is off), there are still numerous ways you can give back. Just being active (on Discord and live events) is already a great contribution. In addition, we are very grateful to have any of the following things:

  • If you are hosting or attending an Interest Group (IG) meeting, video recording and notes from your study or reading sessions are valuable content to save, both for newcomers and for yourself. Keep them organized and keep the wiki page of your IG up to date.

  • If you are studying a topic, researching on an idea, kicking off an experiment, or having a unique collaborative experience, your thoughts, lessons learned, tips and tricks are all treasured knowledge to save and share. The Internet already has everything, for sure, but that sheer fact also makes it sometimes impossible to find anything. Why not help make this wiki the go-to place for high quality ML content?

  • If you are coding and ending up making a framework or tool you are proud of, kindly host it at the MLC github. We can add you to the organization and it'll be just easy to use as if it were your own. Read more at How to use the MLC GitHub.

In sum, have an owner's mindset and tend this place like your own garden. Fixing typos, broken links, re-organizing the content — just make it nice. If you feel unsure what you can or cannot change, feel free to ping us on the mlc-organization channel or ask-an-admin channel in our discord. But the general rule is, feel empowered to make beneficial changes!

This article was last modified: March 30, 2022, 2 p.m. UTC

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