Rules and Norms[edit]

Any member of MLC may edit this wiki subject to the following two rules:

  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Abide by the MLC Code of Conduct.

Further, below are some (evolving) norms in order that we may work together as harmoniously and as freely as possible. The goal of the below norms is to minimize stepping on each other's toes while maximizing individual empowerment to improve this wiki and make use of it to further ML research.

  • Do you think something needs to be edited or changed? If so, consider who the change will affect. If you were to hold a massive meeting with all members of MLC in attendance and make a carefully considered presentation detailing the change, how many would vote for it? How many would vote against?
  • If you think 90% of people would vote for it, just make the change. For example, if you notice a link is broken on the home page, or someone has misspelled something, just make the change because there is zero or little downside.
  • If you think less than 90% of people would vote for it without any reservation, use the advice process to seek feedback from any party with an interest in the change. For example, if you think some of the interest group pages are a bit messy and should be cleaned up and formatted in a standard format, this could obviously help visitors get the information they need more efficiently, but the original creators of the page may have formatted it in a particular way for a reason that's not obvious to you. Thus, you should first ask the creators or recent editors of those pages for advice: let them know what change you were thinking would be useful, and ask if they think it should be implemented as proposed or with some modifications. Aim for a decision that balances the needs and desires of all interested parties.
  • Host any large images or files on external servers. While we have some limited ability to host images and attachments here, the max upload size is limited to 500k. If you need to host large files, consider putting them on Github and linking to the repository or the files themselves from the wiki.
  • If you're unsure about any norms or you'd just like to chat with others about what path would be best, stop by the #wiki channel on Discord to talk about any of it!

Logging in to the wiki[edit]

Anyone on the Open Collab Discord can edit this wiki, but to do so you first have to set up your login and password. Here's how:

  1. Join the Open Collab Discord
  2. Find the "MLC Wikibot" user. In the MLC: Open Collab discord channel, use the search box at the top right.
  3. Send the wikibot a direct message. You can say, for example, /help or /info.
  4. MLC Wikibot will reply and tell you your account name, which will be the same as your full Discord username (with number) but with spaces and the "#" converted to underscores.
  5. For example, Jason's Discord name is jasonyo#5233 and his wiki login is jasonyo_5233. Using synchronized names makes it easy to know who is making each change to the wiki and to contact them on Discord if needed, e.g., to follow the advice process above.
  6. To set your password, you first need to tell the bot what your email is. Do this by sending the bot a command like /setemail (but using your actual email, of course).
  7. Then, go to the wiki's password reset page and enter your email. You'll receive an email with a link to set your password (check spam if you don't get it; often emails from our janky server tend to go to spam).
  8. You're in! Happy editing!


The wiki uses Markdown Syntax. Here's a handy cheatsheet. If you'd like to test some edits to see how they look, try the Sandbox.


  • I get a "413 Request Entity Too Large” error. What do I do?
    • This error is because you tried to upload a large image or attachment. Uploaded images and attachments are limited to 500k. If you’d like to include larger content, the easiest way to do so is to host it elsewhere (e.g. a Github repo or Imgur) and link to it here.

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