Open Collab Research Jam #1

The Research Jam is a community event aimed at increasing collaboration opportunities and boosting the efficiency of interactions among researchers. You can view details about past jams here. The next Research Jam will be June 2, 2021.

Date & Time

The 1st Open Collab Research Jam is on March 31, 2021, 4pm Pacific Time. Here's a calendar event to help with timezones.

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Just show up and present your stuff! You'll have 5 minutes to show people what you've done, or an idea you have, while sharing your screen, and be open to answer questions, receive feedback — basically, jam with us.

The event will start with presentations over Zoom and conclude with a hangout and Q+A on our community Discord.


We invite submissions showcasing early-stage, prototype work or unimplemented, big-picture ideas, with an emphasis on clarity of presentation.

We welcome two types of submissions:

  1. "I did a thing."* Tell us about maybe a fun afternoon hack on some research idea, small or large. Maybe you implemented an idea, trained a few networks, and had one figure of colorful dots and lines. Maybe you made a cool demo. Maybe you worked out some math. All kinds of research related "things" are welcome! Since you will only have 5 minutes to tell us about it, we recommend no more than 5 slides, and consider animating them! A possible template can be: Motivation ("I was thinking...") - Attempted solution ("I tried this...") - First result ("And this happended."*). But you are also welcome to come up with your own storytelling format, as long as it fits in the 5-minute limit.
  2. *"I have an idea."* Tell us about an idea you have on your backburner and wish someone could make it work. Maybe it's a followup thought on one of the published papers. Maybe it's a simple tweak that you always wonder if it would work. Maybe it's a big-picture question that you think more people should think about. For this kind submissions we recommend following our Requests-for-Plot (RFP) format, a one-page slide that describes your idea, followed by a concrete instruction of what the first plot should look like, if someone were to implement this idea. Read more about RFPs.

Submission to the Research Jam #1 is closed. If you are interested in securing a spot for future research jams, please complete this form. We will be in touch upon receiving your submission.

You can also support the event by simply attending. Join Zoom (Meeting ID: 85833440702, PW 810195) for presentations, and Discord for Q&A and casual hangout. Hope to see you at our Research Jam!


The below times are in the Pacific timezone.

4:00 - 5:15pm: Jam presentation (on Zoom; link to join; Meeting ID: 85833440702, PW 810195)

  1. Each presenter is given 5 minutes. Please save questions to the hangout session!
Jam Presenter Title
#1 Lucia Cipolina Escher goes ML: Completing the Print Gallery With Image Inpainting
#2 Joaquín Cabezas Addressing stability of GNNExplainer
#3 Austin Huang Hasktorch: Functional Programming for Neural Networks and Tensor Computation in Haskell
#4 Charles H Martin WeightWatcher (WW): an open-source, diagnostic tool for analyzing Deep Neural Networks (DNN), without needing access to training or even test data
#5 Martin Garthwaite Apply ML techniques adapted from metagenomics to determine whether dissipation driven adaptation is occurring in computer media
#6 Kacper Kania Controlling Human Animation with Trajectories
#7 Carson Lam External Neural Memory Chatbot
#8 Emily McMilin Masked Language Modeling YouTube Captioning Errors?
#9 Dom Miketa The Mind’s Eye: CNNs with internal monologues
#10 Zack Ankner Adversarial gradient exploration
#11 Sankalp Gilda Astronomical Image Quality Prediction based on Environmental and Telescope Operating Conditions

5:15 - 6:00pm: Casual hangout (at Discord voice channels; link to join)

  1. Each presenter will host a voice channel on Discord, marked by the Jam # and their name. You can join one channel at a time; prior to joining, you'll be able to see who is in the channel. There is also a common channel for casual hangout.


Below you can find the recording of the presentation session.