ICLR 2021 Social on Open Collaboration and Open Ideas

Making AI research more inviting, inclusive, and accessible is a difficult task, but the movement to do so is close to many researchers' hearts. Progress toward democratizing AI research has been driven by open-access resources: by MOOCs, by accessible code and software, papers, blogs, youtube channels and podcasts dissecting research papers.

However, open, online resources are only part of the equation. Growth as a researcher requires not only learning by consuming accessible information, but hands-on practice whiteboarding, coding, plotting, debugging, and writing. One's growth along these dimensions is often critically enabled by working with and directly learning from collaborators, whether mentors or peers. We learn the most important lessons from each other. Of course, making "collaborators" more universally accessible is fundamentally more difficult than, say, ensuring all can access arXiv papers, because scaling people and research groups is much harder than scaling websites.

Can we nevertheless make access to collaboration itself more open? Can we flatten access to peers and mentors so the opportunities available to those at the best industrial and academic labs are more broadly available to all entrants to our burgeoning field? How to kick start remote, non-employment based research collaborations more easily? This social is hoping to help you meet potential collaborators, find interesting ideas, and kick start your next project.


The social will be Thursday, 6 May 2021, UTC 19:00 - 23:00. Here's a calendar event to help with timezones.

More details coming soon. It will be somewhat similar to our last Social at NeurIPS 2020.