MLC: Open Collab

MLC: Open Collab is — as you might guess from the name — a community for open collaboration.

Making AI research more inviting, inclusive, and accessible is a difficult task, but the movement to do so is close to many researchers' hearts. Progress toward democratizing AI research has been driven by open-access resources: by MOOCs, by accessible code and papers, by blogs, videos and podcasts making research more understandable.

However, open, online resources are only part of the equation. Growth as a researcher requires not only learning by consuming accessible information, but hands-on practice whiteboarding, coding, plotting, debugging, and writing. One's growth along these dimensions is often critically enabled by working with and directly learning from collaborators, whether mentors or peers. We learn the most important lessons from each other. And a lot of times success has less to do with our own talent than being with the right people at the right time.

The Open Collab community exists to make collaboration and mentorship opportunities as accessible as possible. Interested?

I'm in. What do I do?

Here's how to participate. It's pretty informal.

  1. Join the Open Collab Discord to chat about research or find collaborators. First step: intro yourself in the #introductions channel!
  2. Join the reading group if you like. Reading group papers are discussed in the #dlct channel on Discord each week.
  3. Most announcements are posted on the @ml_collective Twitter, posted in the #general channel, and sent to the reading group email list.
  4. Make an RFP contribution to help aspiring researchers get started!
  5. Attend one of the upcoming events below to hang out live, chat about research, and maybe show people what you're working on!

Upcoming events

  1. MLC OpenClubHouse #5 on Sunday, August 1, 10am PT.
    It's just people sitting around and talking like in ClubHouse but you don't need an iPhone or an invite. You can also easily type your comments and share links at the accompanying text channel.
  2. Open Collab Research Jam #3 on Wednesday, August 4, 4pm PT.
    The Research Jam is research lab meeting open to all. Anyone is welcome to share small updates on what they're working on or present an idea as a Request for Plot (RFP).


Events are listed in the calendar. Times should display in your timezone. You can also add it to your Google Calendar or subscribe via ical.

Past events

  1. MLC OpenClubHouse #4 on Sunday, June 6, 10am PT.
  2. Open Collab Research Jam #2 on Wednesday, June 2, 4pm PT.
  3. MLC OpenClubHouse #3 on Sunday, May 9, 10am PT.
  4. ICLR 2021 Social on Thursday, May 6.
  5. MLC OpenClubHouse #2 on Sunday, April 11, 10am PT.
  6. Open Collab Research Jam #1 on Wednesday, March 31, 4pm PT.
  7. MLC OpenClubHouse #1 on Sunday, March 14, 10am PT.

Conference Socials

We also plan to host Open Collaboration Socials at major ML conferences. During our inaugural event at NeurIPS 2020, we held a panel discussion on the importance of collaboration, an icebreaker session to randomly match people to meet and greet, and a hangout with focused topics led by pioneers of the field.

  1. NeurIPS 2020 Social on Open Collaboration in ML Research
  2. ICLR 2021 Social on Open Collaboration in ML Research