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  1. [Nov 2023] We have a new local chapter, MLC Nigeria! Check them out!
  2. [Jul 2023] We are hiring an Executive Assistant! Read the job post here. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please reach out!
  3. [Jun 2022] Research jam #9 schedule is online! We are in awe of the diversity of topics: graph networks, pruning, federated learning, NAS, ensemble, and a network that emits prompts for new tasks!
  4. [May 2022] Research jam #8 recording is up on our YouTube channel! Do you know that there's always an unrecorded, "open mic" portion in the beginning of every research jam? Lots of fun there, only if you attend live.
  5. [Mar 2022] We are working with MosaicML to host an in-person meetup & poster session for those working on and/or interested in Efficient ML methods! If you are in the Bay Area on 3/31 and have been missing in-person networking opportunities, don't miss it!
  6. [Mar 2022] A small milestone: DLCT just surpassed 2500 email subscribers!
  7. [Mar 2022] The next jam will be May 4, as in "may the force be with ML Collective" day — and we will perhaps take a group photo while saying exactly that. Don't miss it!
  8. [Mar 2022] Recording of research jam #7 is online! Check out three projects you can learn about and contribute to! We tried out a casual "open mic" (unrecorded) in the beginning and it worked well; so next time consider joining in person?
  9. [Jan 2022] Another Town Hall meeting this Sunday!
  10. [Jan 2022] We started the year 2022 with a brand new research jam #6, featuring 6 new projects. If you missed it, the recording is online.
  11. [Dec 2021] An impromptu grad school application help session this Saturday, Dec 4! After looking at a few SoPs we realize we can probably get a lot done by getting together for an intensive work session. Join us in MLC!
  12. [Nov 2021] Did you know that a year == 5 jams? Research jam #5 (last one of the year) recording is online! Thanks for joining us for the 2021 research journey.
  13. [Nov 2021] Congrats to Nayan, Rohan and Robert's two (!) accepted AAAI student abstracts! As undergrads of University of Toronto, they came to MLC to present their work, received mentorship, feedback and compute assistance. And three months later they have two papers!
  14. [Nov 2021] Do you know that we silently launched an Office Hours program? Book 1:1 time with amazing researchers there to ask them anything!
  15. [Oct 2021] Congrats to Steven Kolawole on his first publication as an oral at NeurIPS workshop on ML4D 2021! If you don't know Steven, you are missing out! Read the story of this paper from himself, Rosanne and Jason!
  16. [Sep 2021] Research jam #4 was so warm and cozy! Check out the recording if you've missed it.
  17. [Jul 2021] ICML is this week! We are hosting an OpenCollab Social again. This time we have a theme of story telling. If you've ever ventured into the open collab space and have interesting (good or bad) experiences, sign up to share your story!
  18. [Jun 2021] Our own Rosanne Liu will be serving as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion co-Chair of ICLR 2022!
  19. [Jun 2021] Submit to Open Collab Research Jam #3 for a quick 5-min intro on your project or idea. It's the best way to meet everyone. Happening on August 4!
  20. [May 2021] Submit to, or simply stop by, our Open Collab Research Jam #2 on June 2!
  21. [Apr 2021] Our ICLR Social is accepted! See you at ICLR in the first week of May!
  22. [Apr 2021] We made it into The Overedge Catalog: New Types of Research Organizations, labelled under "nonprofit" and "research".
  23. [Apr 2021] Congratulations to Daniel D'souza and the Masakhane team on publishing MasakhaNER: Named Entity Recognition for African Languages! It is also Daniel's very first publication!
  24. [Apr 2021] The first research jam was a success! Our next research jam is on June 2!
  25. [Mar 2021] Working on an ML research project but don’t have labmates to show? Show a plot or three, or simply join to hang out in our Research Jam on March 31!
  26. [Mar 2021] We are having an OpenClubHouse event this Sunday, March 14 at 10am PT on our community Discord. No need of an iPhone or an invite.
  27. [Dec 2020] Sam Greydanus scales down deep learning with the release of MNIST-1D (ArXiv, Blog, Code, Colab).
  28. [Nov 2020] We are hosting the NeurIPS 2020 Social on Open Collaboration! Stop by on Tuesday, Dec 8!
  29. [Nov 2020] Ever wondered how gradient ascent can help optimize the shape of a wing? Read "The Story of Airplane Wings" (blog, arXiv) by Sam Greydanus.
  30. [Sep 2020] Congratulations to Piero Molino and team on publishing "Controllable Text Generation with Focused Variation", to appear at Findings of ACL: EMNLP 2020.
  31. [Sep 2020] Congrats to Sara Hooker and Chirag Agarwal, and the rest of the organizing team on launching the Trustworthy ML Initiative!
  32. [Aug 2020] Congratulations to Sam Greydanus on publishing Self-classifying MNIST Digits on Distill!