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  1. [Jun 2021] Submit to Open Collab Research Jam #3 for a quick 5-min intro on your project or idea. It's the best way to meet everyone. Happening on August 4!
  2. [May 2021] Submit to, or simply stop by, our Open Collab Research Jam #2 on June 2!
  3. [Apr 2021] Our ICLR Social is accepted! See you at ICLR in the first week of May!
  4. [Apr 2021] Congratulations to Daniel D'souza and the Masakhane team on publishing MasakhaNER: Named Entity Recognition for African Languages! It is also Daniel's very first publication!
  5. [Apr 2021] The first research jam was a success! Our next research jam is on June 2!
  6. [Mar 2021] Working on an ML research project but don’t have labmates to show? Show a plot or three, or simply join to hang out in our Research Jam on March 31!
  7. [Mar 2021] We are having an OpenClubHouse event this Sunday, March 14 at 10am PT on our community Discord. No need of an iPhone or an invite.
  8. [Dec 2020] Sam Greydanus scales down deep learning with the release of MNIST-1D (ArXiv, Blog, Code, Colab).
  9. [Nov 2020] We are hosting the NeurIPS 2020 Social on Open Collaboration! Stop by on Tuesday, Dec 8!
  10. [Nov 2020] Ever wondered how gradient ascent can help optimize the shape of a wing? Read "The Story of Airplane Wings" (blog, arXiv) by Sam Greydanus.
  11. [Sep 2020] Congratulations to Piero Molino and team on publishing "Controllable Text Generation with Focused Variation", to appear at Findings of ACL: EMNLP 2020.
  12. [Sep 2020] Congrats to Sara Hooker and Chirag Agarwal, and the rest of the organizing team on launching the Trustworthy ML Initiative!
  13. [Aug 2020] Congratulations to Sam Greydanus on publishing Self-classifying MNIST Digits on Distill!