## Welcome!

## Who Am I?
You are here. You are on the way to becoming a seasoned Machine Learning Researcher

And you are onto a great start. Let’s roll 🎲

## Where Do I start?

####The Google Group

You can officially begin your journey as an MLC-NG member by clicking [here](https://groups.google.com/a/mlcollective.org/g/nigeria) and Asking to Join

####The Discord Channel

Join the discord to keep up-to-date with the events and activities [here](https://discord.com/channels/785992161132806174/1159161803356504175)	

###⭐Now, You can

✔️ Say hello! On the channel

✔️Also share a thing or two so we can learn more about you

##Notable Events

Our activities are pretty dynamic and are tailored to meet the standards of the research community considering our peculiar needs, and interests. There is something for everyone, even you. Suggestions are well appreciated.

####➡️The Reading Group 

Where we select a paper of choice every week and volunteer to present in different roles.

The roles are described [here](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BleeDFKdhqqnrV1VKW4r38kCYyDxD4mxjkHUUgeBjRU/edit#heading=h.jkabl9jz2kh2)

We have some recordings of previous sessions [here](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u5DIQZFVXsAVQ0lg3l1YSbgmlkqUPKIj?usp=sharing)

###⭐Now, You can

✔️ Engage in the Themes🌱 thread and suggest an area in Machine Learning that interests you or react to the posted ones that you're glad to explore

✔️ Suggest papers you'd like to learn more about or read

✔️ Ask questions or comment on the messages

✔️ Meet others 

####➡️ XY 

Where individuals and teams come to share a spark in their minds. The event involves presenting an idea about a research gap you have found and would like to embark on. It's a platform to share, hear others, join projects and receive constructive feedback. 

###⭐Now, You can

✔️ Pick a date to be ready with your Pitch. I know you can, why do you doubt? [choose your date](https://forms.gle/AtUNes57WuNqoX127)

✔️ Prepare for your date! Read the guide [here](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G3iDNOJehy_KjoFf2wTCvH2D7xuLY21uCG2qXVGUL_Y/edit)

✔️ Get help from the channel; ask questions, form a team etc.	

We have a calendar to provide reminders for our recurring events. You can manually add it via [the MLC events calendar](https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/r?cid=e4p5s7715ersqsoet6cq4509q0@group.calendar.google.com)

Activities we've had include

* Study Group Sessions
We read [this together](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uvAbEhbgS_M-uDMTzmOWRlYxqCkogKRXdbKYYT98ooc/edit?usp=drive_link)

* Presentations from the Reading Group Sessions can be found [here](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tbaOJoOtY8augh_cU2QJiRFQ5UehIK8a?usp=sharing)

🎉We’re at the end of the post.
Done all You Can?
Awesome, then it's time to reiterate and grow all you can.

If not,
What are you waiting for?

We’re a tight knit community where everyone is willing to work, help each other and grow together, and we are happy you have found your way here.

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